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Student Opportunities

At Group Five, one of our aims is to broaden the minds and lives of future generations of talent to contribute to the growth of our business. We require the very best people to help us achieve this. Every year we offer a range of opportunities to students who get paid to do work on real projects, contribute as part of our teams, and share ideas on how to solve problems and build our business.  We offer students from all walks of life unparalleled opportunities to build a strong  foundation of competencies,  in an inclusive and supportive culture to advance their careers.

Bursary Program

Group Five’s bursary program offers young professionals unique developmental opportunities not only through funding of their tertiary studies, but also through systematic exposure within our multi-disciplinary businesses throughout their studies. We continuously strive to ensure that we provide a platform in which students gain an in-depth understanding and practical experience in their chosen fields of study.

Some of  benefits include:

  • Graduate development program - To help kick-start your career in the construction industry
  • Working on projects – Providing on -the-job training and site experience (Locally and internationally)
  • Multidisciplinary exposure  -  Providing opportunities  to understand how different parts of our businesses interact to promote cross- functional learning
  • Access to an active support network -  Experienced line managers, professional mentors, career coaches and our HR teams - all on hand to help you get the most from your experiences with us at Group Five

Who Can Apply ?

We look for students who  are consistent performers who wish to pursue studies in any of the fields listed below:

  • B Sc/ B.Tech. Civil
  • B Sc/ B. Tech. Quantity Surveying
  • B Sc/ B. Tech Construction Management
  • B Sc/ B. Tech Mechanical Engineering
  • B Sc/ B. Tech Electrical Engineering
  • National Diploma in Construction and related disciplines

Please click on the link to apply online. Or alternatively send your CV, full academic record and ID to

Graduate Development Programme (GDP)

Our two-year GDP forms part of the  comprehensive suite of programmes offered by the Group Five Academy, through which young people get their first taste of what human capital development at our organization is all about. The programme is designed to build well rounded individuals with solid technical and leadership skills. It offers graduates unique opportunities to learn and excel in their day-to-day work; engage with exceptional leaders; gain access to best practice service providers in field; provides a multi-disciplinary exposure and  building of a network of colleagues, and working with experienced mentors from our various businesses. It is a challenging and rewarding learning experience that allows the graduate to gain experience in their chosen field while earning a market-related salary.

We look for talented graduates who align with our core values; young people who are flexible, achievement oriented, enthusiastic about their development and committed to working with us to build a career and contribute to the success of our business.

If you’re interested in fast tracking your career send your CV, full academic record and ID to:

Site Experience

Experiences of life on site

Once graduate students have successfully completed their tertiary studies, they will start their career in the group by you working on one of our many sites in South Africa or in the rest of Africa.. Here is what one graduate student had to say:

"My time on site was tremendously helpful, I’ve learned so much in the time I was placed here. A lot of the theoretical knowledge from school was consolidated. I enjoyed spending time with the labourers, foreman, safety officers, on-site engineers, accountants and the general manager. Construction is a very interesting profession and sometimes you work in very harsh conditions, which are also sometimes remote. It’s also clear that hard work will always pay and it’s the only way to move up the ranks. Although there are a lot of compromises one has to make such as time away from your family or being away from the city, the company pays generously for your hardships."

In-Service Training

In-service training serves to blend students’ academic studies with sound work experience. Typically, universities of technology include a compulsory one-year practical experience in industry as part of their curricula , in order to ensure that students undergo structured on-site in- service training before completing their qualifications.

Group Five offers in-service training opportunities to students who are consistent performers in any of the fields listed below:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Construction Management
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering

Permanent employment may be considered upon completion of your studies; however this is dependent on the human resources needs of the organization.

Should you wish to apply for inservice training with us, please email us Please send your CV, full academic record and ID to:


At Group Five we consider learnerships as a mode of delivering a developmental programme that combines work-based experience with structured learning (theory and practice).


  • A structured programme that boosts your career development, improve skills and have existing skills recognized and assessed and to gain a formal accredited qualification.
  • The programme also addresses unemployment in our population by providing workplace exposure to the programme recipients

Targeted beneficiaries:

  • Individuals who have completed Grade 12/ Std 10
  • Individuals who are interested in working in the construction industry
  • Employees that are identified for career development
  • Locals from communities where Group Five is awarded projects

Duration: Group Five’s programme is a minimum of 12 months (Combination of both classroom and     workplace training)


Internships provide a true work experience, giving students the chance to enhance their employability and career prospects. This programme promotes opportunities for professional development on construction-related qualifications.

Duration: Between 6 and 18 months.

Target: Individuals who have completed a minimum required qualification at recognized Further Education & Training Institutions (FET) or Universities of Technology (UoT’s).


Apprenticeships offer  learners  on the job training for a minimum of 36 months before culminating in a trade test. This allows learners to become competent in their chosen field of study. The  “apprentice”  spends about three months in class and a minimum of two years undergoing workplace training. The apprentice is required to document his/her workplace training and will be under the supervision of a mentor/s throughout the training period. Upon completion of both the classroom and workplace training, the individual is expected to complete a trade test.


Group Five’s apprenticeship last for any length of time between 2 years and 4 years

Targeted Recipients

  • Individuals who have completed Grade 12/ Std 10 or
  • Have completed a minimum required qualification at an FET or UoT

Advertisements  will be placed on our website as and when programmes are open.