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  • Certified Top Employers South Africa 2017


  • Certified Top Employers South Africa 2016


  • Co-location of Group Five’s Johannesburg based business unit offices to a brand new modern 5-green star rated building at the Waterfall Estate
  • Group Five celebrates 40 years as a listed company
  • Group Five is awarded a contract to build the iconic Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital in Parktown Johannesburg
  • Mike Upton retires as CEO, and is succeeded by Eric Vemer


  • Group Five maintains a sector – leading Level 2 BBBEE rating at 89.1%
  • Successful commencement of the Zimabwean operations and maintenance contact on the Bulawayo to Harare road
  • Successful compliance to Eskom's nuclear standards and requirements in South Africa. Group Five and its parner Lesedi Nuclear Services awarded the Koeberg PTR Tank project
  • Winning of the first ABT order in the DRC following the group's strategy of pursuing the African mining market


  • Group Five enhances its Level 2 Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) rating
  • The Group sells-off its Construction Materials business
  • Market conditions remain tough – the Group's core business (Construction) remains healthy
  • The Group continues to invest in renewable energy, its nuclear readiness and its geographic expansion
  • 74% of the groups revenue is South Africa based and 21% is generated from the rest of Africa
  • An efficiency programme, "New Balls Please" is implemented to ensure proficiency


  • Group Five receives a Level 2 Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) rating
  • The Group’s key safety ratio of disabling frequency rate (DIFR) continues impro
  • Market conditions remained tough but the Group generates cash and preserves margins
  • Construction order book moves from 24% to 30% over-border
  • The Group continues its trend with no environmental incidents
  • Number of employees trained in the year increases with an overall training spend of R37,9 million
  • Awarded the Best Reporting and Communications award by the Investment Analysts Society (IAS)
  • Group starts closing out Transnet's New Multi Products Pipeline Project
  • Intertoll Africa secures a new long-term operating contract in Zimbabwe
  • Engineering and Construction's power business executes an 800MW power contract
  • Operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo are consolidated


  • Group Five receives a Level 2 Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE)
  • The group delivers a 10% increase in operating profit and a margin of almost 8% against very tough market conditions
  • Successful delivery of a number of FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup contracts
  • Durban Harbour port entrance widened and deepened
  • The group’s key safety ratio of disabling frequency rate (DIFR) continues improving
  • More than 15 000 training interventions, with a spend of over R30 million
  • Socio-economic development spend increases from R4,5 million to R7,9 million
  • The group becomes one of only seven companies that maintained Best Performer status for four years in a row on the JSE’s SRI index


  • Group Five delivers 36% revenue and 25% operating profit growth despite the turbulence that was a feature of its external markets
  • The Middle East order book loses R4 billion due to the global financial crisis, but is able to switch markets and substantially increase its order book in the local public sector
  • Group Five and its joint venture partners race against the clock to deliver contracts by the early 2010 deadline imposed by the FIFA Soccer World Cup
  • Following its membership of the Green Building Council of SA, the group forms a Green Committee and initiates ‘green’ policies into its businesses
  • In terms of its transformation initiatives the group improves its Construction Sector scorecard from a Level 5 to a Level 3
  • Group Five successfully gains ISO 14001:2004 certification from Dekra GmbH

2008 - 2006


  • The group’s secured order book is up by 76% to R8,5 billion
  • South African and over border revenue is split at 66:34 in line with the group’s strategy of a balanced product and geographic portfolio
  • Almost 6 000 people receive training during the year


  • Mike Lomas retires and Mike Upton takes over as CEO
  • The group establishes the Construction Materials business
  • Infrastructure Development Services is re-positioned and renamed Investments and Concessions, comprising Infrastructure Concessions and Property Development Services


  • The group re-evaluates each of its market areas with the focus on South Africa, the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe. It reassesses its core businesses and sells DPI, Vaal Sanitaryware, WSSA and its Saudi Arabian pipe business

2005 - 1985


  • The group’s BEE transaction finalised, which led the way in its sector


  • The group’s three-year restructuring process is completed


  • Group Five secures work in the Middle East


  • A three-year restructuring process commences to ensure continued growth


  • The group further increases its over-border presence


  • Group Five expands internationally


  • Group Five enters manufacturing


  • SM Goldstein merges with Group Five


  • The group is taken over by Gencor and Malbak

1984 - 1974


  • The group takes over construction in Darling & Hodgson


  • Darling & Hodgson acquires 30% of Group Five


  • Group Five Projects is formed


  • Group Five, an amalgamation of five companies, lists on the JSE