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at 30 June 2011

  Issued ordinary
share capital
  Percentage held   Shares at cost   Amounts owing by
Direct subsidiaries 2011
Group Five Construction                                
(Proprietary) Limited 1 000 000   1 000 000   100   100   14 177   14 177   569 441   518 215  
Everite Limited 51 191 400   51 191 400   100   100   368 570   368 570      
                  382 747   328 747   569 441   518 215  

Principal subsidiaries direct and indirect
Afrimix Ready Mixed Concrete (Proprietary) Limited◊$
Bernoberg Millings (Proprietary) Limited
BGM Company Limited
Cosmos Building Supplies (Proprietary) Limited
Everite (Proprietary) Limited*
Everite Pipes (Proprietary) Limited*
Group Five (Botswana) (Proprietary) Limited^
Group Five Building (Proprietary) Limited^@
Group Five Burkina Faso (SARL)^
Group Five Civil Engineering (Proprietary) Limited^@
Group Five Coastal (Proprietary) Limited^@
Group Five Construction (Ghana) Limited^
Group Five Construction Limited (Malawi)^
Group Five Construction (Proprietary) Limited^
Group Five Construction (Proprietary) Limited (Swaziland branch)^
Group Five Construction (UK) Limited (Mauritius, Dubai and Jordan)^
Group Five Contractors (Namibia) (Proprietary) Limited^
Group Five Design and Project Management (Proprietary) Limited^@
Group Five (DRC) SPRL^
Group Five Engineering and Construction (Proprietary) Limited^@
Group Five Engineering (Private) Limited (Zimbabwe)^
Group Five Housing (Proprietary) Limited^@
Group Five Infrastructure Developments (Proprietary) Limited##@
Group Five International Limited (Mauritius, Angola, Algeria, Mozambique, Zimbabwe)^
Group Five International (Proprietary) Limited (Tanzania branch)^
Group Five Mauritius Limited^
Group Five Oil & Gas (Proprietary) Limited^*@
Group Five Plant & Equipment (Proprietary) Limited•@
Group Five Power Projects Limited (Nigeria)^
Group Five Projects (Proprietary) Limited^@
Group Five Property Developments (Proprietary) Limited†@
Group Five Swaziland (Proprietary) Limited^
Group Five Western Cape (Proprietary) Limited^@
Group Five (Zambia) (Proprietary) Limited^
Intertoll Holdings (Proprietary) Limited#
Sky Sands (Proprietary) Limited◊$
Quarry Cats Lesotho (Proprietary) Limited
Quarry Cats (Proprietary) Limited◊$

Nature of business

* Manufacture of building products ^ Construction activities
† Property developments • Plant ownership and hire
# Infrastructure concessions ## Infrastructural developments
◊ Construction material supply $ A division of Group Five Construction (Proprietary) Limited
@ Acting as an agent for Group Five Construction (Proprietary) Limited
   – Unless specified, all companies are incorporated in South Africa and are all wholly owned.
   – The group maintains a register of all subsidiaries available for inspection at the registered office of Group Five Limited.
   – The holding company’s interest in the aggregate net profits earned by subsidiaries and joint ventures amounted to R159,0 million loss (2010:
       R313,7 million profit) respectively.
– No part of the business of any subsidiary has been managed during the financial period by any third person.

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