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Group Five is a diversified Construction, Infrastructure Concessions and Related Services group engaged in resources, energy, real estate and infrastructure delivery with a growing international client base in South Africa, the rest of Africa and Eastern Europe

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11 February 2015
Group Five announces Interim Results to December 2014

13 August 2014
Group Five's strategic position and business model deliver improved results in its 40th year as a listed company

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41 Years
Group Five House
No 9 Country Estate Drive, Waterfall Business Estate, Jukskei View, Johannesburg
Soitec concentrated photovoltaic solar power installation - South Africa
Soitec concentrated photovoltaic solar power installation - South Africa
A1 Motorway - Poland
A1 Motorway - Poland
Spring Grove dam-KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
Spring Grove dam-KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

  Should you require information on the groupís participation in the Competition Commissionís enquiry into the construction industry, please contact the Office of the CEO on +27 (0) 10 060 2272 or email

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Stakeholder engagement
Nov 2014 – presentation to financial stakeholders
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Sector Focus
Sector Focus
Group Five‘s capabilities have been honed to deliver comprehensive infrastructure solutions to seven targeted sectors.
Geographical Footprint
The group has the ability to swiftly redeploy resources between its key countries of operation.

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    Group Five Pipe
    We are the South African pipe makers now leading the way in offering cost-effective solutions for all large diameter steel pipes.

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    Motlekar Developments
    Group Five Motlekar Pty Ltd is a joint venture with Motlekar Holdings with the intention of providing affordable housing in Southern Africa. The business has a decorated track record of providing low-cost houses to thousands of South African families.

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    Everite Building Products has been associated with the South African building industry for more than sixty years. Producing a wide range of materials that satisfy the needs of the commercial, industrial and residential market sectors, Everite is renowned for its comprehensive range of Nutec roofing, ceilings, cladding and pipes amongst others.

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    Intertoll Europe is an independent toll and motorway infrastructure developer and operator, with its head office in Budapest, Hungary.

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  •  WiEBE

    WiEBE website

    Diversity produces organisational strength, leads to higher productivity and is strongly linked to innovation. It is an essential element to success in any organisation, especially in a country as diverse as South Africa. In order to create innovative South African solutions to the challenges posed by Africa, we need a diverse corps of technicians, engineers and leaders. The Women in Engineering and the Built Environment (WiEBE) Project is committed to make engineering accessible to women with diverse backgrounds, beliefs and ethnic origins by developing programmes and services which can improve the climate for women in engineering and the built environment through the involvement of students, alumni, the Faculty, industry, and the community.

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    SAFCEC is an employer body that represents South African civil engineering contractors. Founded in 1939, the Federation is a voluntary association of private sector contractors throughout South Africa.

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